2018 Carnival

2018 Results


Thank you to our generous sponsors for the 2018 Carnival.

2018 Players

We would like to thank all our wonderful players below for a great 2018 Carnival! We hope to see you back next year.
Company Name Players Name

Hofco Oil Field Services

Troy Schefe
Mark Schefe
Martin Williams
Martik Berberian

Step Oil Tools

Murray Cole
Steve Muirhead

ARC Well Equipment

Andy Gainsforth
Warren Farrington
Guido Stangherlin
Joey Mos

ARC Well Equipment

Peter Harbison
Steve Miller
Jamie McCabe
Tyson Cooney

Easternwell Energy 1

Luke Smith
Mitchell Gregory
Ross Naumann
George Nairn

Easternwell Energy 2

Paul Fenning
Alistair Coote
Kevin Dixon
Tim Czajkowski

Easternwell Energy 3

Kosmos Lavergne
Laurie Blake
Cameron O’Sullivan
Darren Norvill


Stephen Nally
Peter Ashe
Bobby Bhardwaj


Tim Pitcher
Anthony Moore
Martin Williams
Gerard Ryan


Ben Kelly
Taylor Bowles
Mike Maguire
Steve Lambert


Rowan Hall
Bronte Gale

OICS Catering

Andrew Hudson
Grant Mathieson
Andrew Lynd
Leo Papalia

Fendley Consultancy

Harvey Bauman
Scott McLean
Lachlan Mackay
Ben Therle

Fendley Consultancy

John Renton
Alan Ruff
Bernie McLean
Brett O’Leary

Sharpe Engineering

Cillian Rouse
Mark Street


Stuart Harding
Shaun Klebeck
Todd McNeil
Lynn Beardmore

Roma Transport

Colin Ingram (IPI)
Danny Forbes
Brennan Reid
Steve Bond

Drilling Industries Australia

Andrew Gallagher
Joel Gallagher
Cameron Manifold

Woodside Remote Catering

Jason Wood
Corey Wood
Tim Schulz

Mack Trucks

Ben Dare
Steve Luchak
Grant Blackford
Colin Opdendries

TDC Drilling

Malcolm Cole
Barry Wright
Greg Pass
Ryan Brown


Eddie Pigeon
Sean Daniels
Kelvin Wutte
Matt Warner


Mark Tonin
John Weldon
Anthony Movzouris
Greg Sauverain


Craig Nairn
Dan Smith
Simon McPaul
Chris Worland

General Petroleum Oil Tools

Sam Cavallaro
Trapper Peardon
Wayne Murphy
Greg Runge

Negbar Engineering

Dean Purssell
Ben Gales
Glen Johns (EWE)
Damien Wolski (EWE)

Sirius Well Manufacturing Services (SWMS)

Andy McCormack
Lukas Meiforth
Dryden Strange

Houston Utility

Andrew Lear
Scott Couacaud

Optimum Transport Services

Rob Baker
Adam Flanagan

Coal Gas Camps Pty Ltd

Andrew Vale
Mark Speed


Bruce Clark

Well Control Solutions

Grant Baguley
Leon Stevens
(One Source Valves)


Lachlan Nally
James Andrews
Adam Watts
Marty Curley


We would love to hear any feedback you have on past carnivals, to help us make this year’s even better!